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Face Lift Massage Training Course
Baltimore - September 2008

Dear Narendra & Kundan

I just wanted to say what a wonderful experience it was taking your classes. I sincerely thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us. I wish you the best and safe travels as you teach this wonderful art of massage throughout the world.

Warmest regards,

- Ms Anissa  (Baltimore September 2008)




Face Lift Massage Training Course
London - August 2008



Face Lift Massage Training Course
London - June 2008



Thank you so munch for the wonderful, enjoyable and educational class!! - Thiam


Mehta Face Massage Training
IDI New York - April 2007




Hello, I wanted to write to thank you all for the excellent training which I took part in this weekend.

My special thanks to Kundan, Norman and Narendra for their support and direction ( and patience!!!). And also to the poor souls who put up with my fingers going in every direction but the right one until Kundan spotted me!

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and came away energised by what I had learned.

- Margaret (London, UK)



Dear Narendra & Kundan

I would like to say how much I enjoyed the course. We worked very hard indeed. The input we recieved was excellent and it was a great learning environment.

Thank-you for the experience, it was a privilege to learn from you. You're lovely people.

- Angie Asplin (London, UK)


■ Hi Mrs and Mr Mehta

Thanks a lot for your teaching. I learned so much from this class; it is making me a better Esthetician.

The technique is so effective. I practiced on my mother tonight right after class finished. She LOVES
how her face looks at the end.

I am going to show my boss tomorrow and ask her to add this service.

I will for sure see you in the Champissage class.

Have a safe trip wherever you go to teach around the world. I will see you again soon.

Please stay in touch.


- Rachel Lao, (Plesanton, California)

■ "Again with heartfelt thanks and gratitude to both of you for All that you gave thru the teachings of Mehta Face Lift Massage. The gifts are immeasurable by all  practical  accounts...for they are felt by the heart. I thank you with all of my heart for the beauty, humor, love, dedication and commitment that you shared. It was magic."

With all Love and Blessings,
- Robin (Chicago, USA)

■ "The course was intense, hard work, but definitely worth it, strict but fun too. The feedback I have from clients is always that this is much more than a facial. Apart from the benefits to the face, they find the whole treatment spiritually uplifting and come away with a sense of peace and stillness, feeling nurtured. It is a fantastic treatment to give and receive.

- Margaret Hume Practitioner (Scotland)

■ I am more than happy to recommend your courses which I thought were superb.  I found the training very throrough and professional and will gladly recommend you to others. 

Take care,

- Sian

Dear Kundan,

Thanks for your incredible patience during the course! I really enjoyed and I feel I really learnt a lot. It was exactly what I wanted. I practice a lot and the people seem to be really appreciating. Lots of Love.

- Beatrice (UK)

The Mehta Face Massage had it's Premiere in Atlanta, Georgia, USA from
March.13th until the 16th.  the students loved this class and raved about this
phenomenal ancient technique.

We capped the class at 12 with a waiting list of 9 that are eagerly
awaiting the Mehta's return to Atlanta in October of 2006.

 Mehta Face Massage - Oct.9th - Oct.12th.06

Champissage - Oct.16th - Oct.18th.2006

These are class feedbacks:

►  Loved the class

►  More than expected - Mrs. Mehta is incredible

►  Just Great !!!!

►  I loved this class, I want to take it again

►  So excited to learn this technique

►  I loved Mrs. Mehta, and the class - it was completely wonderful

►  Awesome Class

►  Everything was wonderful and I enjoyed it greatly

►  Just wonderful

►  I am taking Champissage in October


From Dawn Heishman - Dermalogica - Virginia



From IDI Staff - Vienna, Virginia


Sep 2006 - London

Dear Kundan, Narendra and Moses,

Back home again I would like to send to you many greetings from Germany
and a big "thank you"! I never felt better and more relaxed in a foreign group before and I really was scared and nervous before I came to London! I had so much fun and I already miss you!
So I hope to see you soon, maybe in London, Germany or anywhere else!
Many greetings and best wishes, Petra ( Germany )

PS: I don`t get that voice out of my head saying "slide-hide-and lift!!!"
Really, I dreamt of it! I had to laugh when I woke up!
You should offer a CD with Kundan's voice leading through the massage, it would be very successful! But, please, add a second track with Moses`beautiful soft voice- I really loved it!!

2006 - London

Hello Kundan/Moses

I hope you are both well. I wanted to say a very big 'Thank you' for the experience of your course. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and the two clients I have worked on already have very much enjoyed the treatment. Best wishes, Gilly (London)